Perdido Truss Spar Safely Delivered by the Mighty Servant 1

Dockwise Ltd. announced that the Perdido Truss Spar was safely delivered by the semi-submersible vessel Mighty Servant 1 on Friday June 27, 2008. The Spar was skidded on board the vessel on May 19, 2008 in Pori, Finland by DockwiseShipping, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dockwise Ltd.; and was successfully transported to Ingleside, Texas. 

Dockwise was contracted on June 1, 2006 by Technip Offshore Inc. for the safe execution of all aspects of the delivery of the 20,956 tons heavy sparbuoy. The total height of the spar is 173.3 meters. The buoy diameter measures 35.97 meters.

"We have the experience and therefore the power to incorporate lessons learned to continuously improve on risk management," said Dockwise CEO André Goedée. "Truss spars are very large floating offshore buoys thatare transported horizontally on deck of Dockwise's semi-submersible vessels. The skidded load-out over the stern, the transport acrossand the float-off carry high risks that need to be managed." 

Dockwise managed these risks in close co-operation with Technip in the engineering stage of the project and followed the procedures and actions closely and precisely during execution. "All named risks on the project, engineering, operational and safety level were addressed and mitigated as far as possible," said Goedée.