CNOOC Begins Trial Production at WenChang

CNOOC reports that the Wen 19-1, WenChang (Wen) oil fields have successfully started the trial production stage. Currently, seven wells from the fields can produce approximately 14,000 barrels of oil per day.
    The Wen oil fields, which are located in the Pearl River Mouth Basin in the Western South China Sea, consist of four oil fields, namely 19-1, 15-1, 14-3 and 8-3. The development facilities contain five wellhead platforms, one FPSO and 26 producing wells.
    Wen 19-1 is the first among the oil fields to start production, and its peak daily production is expected to reach over 18,800 barrels. The other three fields will come on stream this year as well.
    Mr. Liu Jian, Executive Vice President of the Company said, "Joint development model was adopted in the Wen oil fields in order to reduce the development cost as well as to exploit the oil reserves more efficiently. We anticipate the oil fields will produce more efficiently and contribute to the production growth of the Company."