Aurelian Makes Progress on Romanian Prospects

Aurelian Oil and Gas PLC announced on behalf of its wholly owned Romanian subsidiary and its partner SNGN Romgaz S.A. that the well Fratauti-2, spudded on June 6, has been completed as a gas production well. Fratauti-2 is located approximately 800 meters from Fratauti-1, one of three separate gas accumulations producing gas into the Bilca Facilities. It was drilled to appraise the B sand seen in Fratauti-1 where 2.4 meters of net sand was encountered. Subsequent analysis showed Fratauti-1 to have encountered the edge of the B sand gas accumulation close to the gas/water contact and provided the justification for further appraisal.  

A gas column of 11.6 meters and net pay of 5 meters were encountered at a reservoir depth of 605 meters in the B sand in Fratauti-2. It has been tested at rates up to 3.7 million scf/d at a wellhead pressure of 40 bar. The well will now be tied into the flow line taking gas from Fratauti-1 to the Bilca production facilities and is expected to be producing in September 2008. Fratauti-1 produces gas from the C sand and the B sand has not been produced in that well.
The rig will now move to drill the Vicsani-1 exploration well, located approximately 200 meters from the pipeline between Fratauti and Bilca. The well has been planned to test a Seismic anomaly in the Sarmatian sands and is anticipated to spud on or around July 14.
Percentage interests in the Fratauti-2 and Vicsani-1 wells and the Bilca gas project are Aurelian (operator) with 62.5%, Romgaz with 37.5%.
"We are very pleased that the first well in the 2008 4-well program has been successful and will increase gas sales through the Bilca production facilities," said Michael Seymour, Managing Director of Aurelian. "Production from the existing three wells is also about to be boosted as a result of the installation of compression and success with the Vicsani well could add further value to the project."