Oilex Prepares to Test India's Cambay-19Z

Oilex announced that preparations are being made for a series of cased hole drillstem tests of it s Cambay-19Z Appraisal Well in India, to evaluate intervals that are interpreted to contain hydrocarbons from logs run during the past week. The tests will be run at progressively shallower intervals to determine reservoir pressure and fluid composition commencing with the basal sand overlying the Deccan basement, followed by the Eocene EP III and EP IV combined and the Oligocene OS II and Miocene MBS units.

  • The first test will be conducted at the level of the basal sand overlying  the Deccan basement. A 6 meter interval (1,966 meters - 1,972 meters of a  gross 35 meter interval) that gave the best indication of hydrocarbons from  the logs over this zone will be tested. This zone was a secondary  exploration objective in this well.
  • The EP III and EP IV primary objectives will be tested over a gross  interval of 34 meters between 1,764 meters - 1,798 meters. These zones  exhibited good gas shows while drilling.
  • The logs from Basal Miocene and Oligocene OS II secondary objectives in  this well intersected at 1,505 meters and 1,545 meters respectively  indicate the presence of about 9 meters of gas-bearing pay in these sandstones that are of good reservoir quality, each with about 25% average porosity.
  • The Deccan Basalt, a secondary exploration objective in this well appears to have a poorly developed fracture system. It remains an exploration objective in other wells that will be drilled later in the current sequence.
Participants in the Cambay Production Sharing Contract are operator Oilex with 30%, Oilex NL Holdings (100% owned by Oilex) with 15% and Gujarat State Petroleum with 55%.