Clough Snags Contract for Installation Services in Norway

Engineering and Construction Company Clough Limited has been awarded a contract by APL (Advanced Production & Loading) for the offshore installation support activities associated with the Neptune LNG Deepwater Port terminal off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Clough will provide APL with project management, procurement, logistics and offshore installation engineering services. The offshore construction activities will be carried from Clough’s subsea construction vessel "Normand Clipper" and will include the installation of two 230te Submerged Turret Loading buoys, the associated gas risers, umbilicals, suction anchors, mooring chains and wire segments. The vessel will be mobilized from Europe and will be used to transport the mooring system components prior to the starting of the offshore construction campaign in the USA.
“We are extremely pleased to have been selected by APL to support them on this interesting project. We have a significant commitment to the SURF business, in people, vessels and equipment, and the Clipper is particularly well suited to high end subsea construction of this type,” said Clough's CEO John Smith.
The Neptune Deepwater Port will be located 10 miles off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The project will provide an average of 400 million cubic feet of natural gas per day, enough to serve 1.5 million homes.
The installation campaign is scheduled for the second quarter of 2009, and has been reported by APL to have a contract value of approximately 50 million US dollars.
“We hope that this award will assist the strategic positioning of our Company in the SURF business and APL with the deployment of their STL and Submerged Turret Production technologies around the world,” said Smith.