NPD's 3D Seismic Set for July Startup

The NPD's acquisition of 3D seismic in Troms II will start at the beginning of July. The seismic data acquisition in the area was originally scheduled to start on 24 June, but was postponed due to a fire in the engine room on board the seismic vessel Atlantic Explorer, which was to carry out the acquisition of seismic data.

Petroleum Geo-Services has informed the NPD that the fire damage is less extensive than originally thought, which will allow the vessel to sail from Tromso on Monday, June 30.
A few days will be needed to prepare the vessel and equipment.  The plan is to conclude the 3D seismic activity according to the original plan, on July 31.  This means that the delay will not lead to any later time shift for the acquisition.
The follow-up research project that was to have been carried out in connection with the 3D seismic acquisition has been cancelled due to the delays.  The 3D seismic acquisition was originally scheduled to start as early as June 15.  The schedule for the research project was set according to this start date. 
The research project was delayed by nine days in connection with the first postponement of the seismic acquisition activity, but now, with the activity not scheduled to start until next week, it was impossible for the Institute of Marine Research to carry out the project in a manner which it found prudent.
"The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate regrets this," said Director of Exploration Sissel Eriksen, "but we are planning a similar project in connection with next year's acquisition of seismic data."