StatoilHydro Submits NOK 10B Plan to Enhance Troll

StatoilHydro has submitted a new plan for the development and operation of the Troll field to ensure the long-term management of the oil and gas reserves in Norway’s largest gas field.

The plan submitted to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is a new and important step on the road towards improved oil recovery on Troll West, while providing for continuation of the current gas export capacity from Troll East of 120 million standard cubic meters per day.
”Our goal is to manage the natural resources in an optimal way through a holistic approach to the development of the Troll field and the neighbouring areas,” says StatoilHydro’s Senior VP for Reserve and Business Development Hege Marie Norheim.
”The field has been in continuous development since it came on stream, and we are now making Troll more robust for the future. StatoilHydro will, as the operator of both Troll Gas and Troll Oil, make sure to take care of the long-term management of our largest oil and gas field in an optimal way,” she added.

The development of the oil and gas resources in the Troll field has been addressed in several field development plans since the 1980s. The Troll partners’ new plan has an investment limit of almost NOK 10 billion, and includes:
  • a new gas injection plant for improved oil recovery on the Troll B platform
  • a new 35-inch rich gas pipeline from the Troll A platform to the Kollsnes gas plant, including modifications on Troll A and the Kollsnes terminal
  • replacement of production pipes in the gas wells running up to Troll A in the Troll East area. The diameter of the pipes will be increased, which results in lower pressure drop and increased production from the wells
Gas injection in Troll West will increase the oil reserves at Troll by 17 million barrels. The offshore modifications are scheduled to start during 2008.
The gas injection plant will be in place by the turn of the year 2010/2011. The new rich gas pipeline designed to maintain the daily gas production capacity will come on stream in 2011.

"The new development plan is an overall description of our plans for the oil production at Troll and provides for profitable oil production through 2030. This will also result in increased production possibilities for neighbouring fields, as we will have processing capacity available for a longer period than previously expected,” said Norheim.