Sevan Hummingbird Set to Fly in July

Sevan has announced that the commissioning activities are nearing its completion for startup of Sevan Hummingbird on the Chestnut field. 

The Company expects the unit to be ready to produce oil within July. Sevan has previously indicated June as a possible startup date, emphasizing that this was a stretch target. 

The cause of the problems related to the ballast piping which occurred during the commissioning process has been identified and the required actions have been taken. 

The Sevan Hummingbird platform is a Sevan 300 FPSO with an oil storage capacity of 300,000 bbls. The unit will carry up to 3 risers and umbilicals and will have an oil processing capacity of 30,000 bbls/day and a water injection capacity of 20,000 bbls/day. Sevan Hummingbird will work for Venture Production plc on the Chestnut field in the central North Sea. The water depth at the field is 120 meters.

The FPSO Sevan Hummingbird was successfully installed on the Chestnut field in the central UK North Sea on December 21, 2007. All 12 mooring lines have been connected. The FPSO Sevan Hummingbird will be working under a 2.5 + 2 years contract with Venture Production. The unit is the first cylindrical FPSO to be installed in the North Sea and the second Sevan 300 FPSO to be installed offshore.

Sevan's first FPSO, the Sevan Piranema has had an uptime of 98.5% during its first seven months of operations offshore Brazil for Petrobras, with May reaching an uptime of 99.8%.