Park Place to Evaluate Shale Gas Prospects, Appoints Mayenknecht

Park Place Energy Corp. has engaged the services of a consulting firm, AJM Petroleum Consultants to evaluate prospective gas projects in the shale gas regions of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia by either joint venture or through land sales.

"We've been focused on these exciting, new initiatives for some time now and believe the time is right to develop a formal acquisition plan," said Park Place President & CEO, David Johnson.
"AJM Petroleum Consultants bring a wealth of experience in identifying and evaluating potential opportunities and this insight puts us in a position of strength to properly enter the shale gas market," he added.
Park Place is also pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas (Tom) P. Mayenknecht of Vancouver, British Columbia, to the Corporation's Board of Directors. Mayenknecht is a former marketing and communications executive in the National Basketball Association and professional tennis.
In the past five years, he has served as a marketing communications consultant and brand management executive. As a principal in Emblematica Brand Builders, Mayenknecht develops brand-based communications and business strategies for clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.