Schlumberger Scoops up Staag Imaging

Schlumberger announced that it has acquired Staag Imaging, L.P., a Houston-based provider of leading-edge depth imaging technologies for seismic data processing. Staag will become part of the Schlumberger WesternGeco business unit. 

The company is one of the first providers of a commercial Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) technique, which promises to revolutionize the building of earth velocity models. Staag’s FWI is an automatic, data driven tool that uses the two-way wave equation method to build highly accurate velocity models of the subsurface, including complex geology formations such as salt bodies. This FWI technology can automate a large part of the velocity model building workflow. The accurate models it produces can then be used to exploit the power of WesternGeco’s complementary high-resolution Reverse Time Migration capability.
 “Our customers’ need for rapid, but accurate, imaging of complex subsurface geology is increasing dramatically,” said Ginger Hildebrand, vice president, seismic data processing, WesternGeco. “The combination of Staag’s FWI with our full complement of existing algorithms will allow us to accelerate the delivery of superior images of even the most complex subsurface structures. This capability will unlock the full potential of our newest coil and wide-azimuth acquisition configurations as well as enhance the value of our extensive multiclient library.”