Aibel Aces Contract Valued at $58MM for Construction on Oseberg

StatoilHydro has awarded Aibel the EPCI contract valued at approximately 58 MUSD (300MNOK) to replace the existing Heat Recovery Steam Generation system on its Oseberg D platform in the North Sea.

The project will include the dismantling of the existing heat recovery system, a capacity evaluation of process and auxiliary systems, construction analysis of the existing platform, follow-up, installation and hook-up of the new (700 t) module. The new HRSG system, so-called Once Through Steam Generation technology, will utilize the heat from the flue gas in two gas export compressors to generate steam, which will be used to power a steam turbine which in turn will generate 15MW electric power for use on the platform.

Aibel has been involved at the Oseberg field since 1994 under the terms of a frame agreement with StatoilHydro for maintenance and modification services.