Wescorp Names Mark Norris Chairman of the Board

Wescorp Energy Inc. announced that Mark Norris has accepted the position of Chairman of the Board. Norris has served as a director of Wescorp since March 2007. Prior to his directorship with Wescorp, Norris completed a term in the Alberta Provincial Government serving as Minister of Economic Development. Under Norris' leadership there were 4 new foreign trade offices and 5 new regional economic alliances established throughout the province to promote Alberta business. Norris also led numerous missions world-wide to foster economic growth for Alberta.

"We are excited to have Mark be our Chairman," said Wescorp President and CEO Doug Biles. "Wescorp is in a stage of aggressive growth and Mark's first class relationships with both government and oil and gas industry leaders will be beneficial in continuing to showcase our environmentally friendly technology and in closing leasing transactions. We will be announcing lease contracts with both heavy oil and natural gas operators as soon as they are completed."
"There are two good reasons for me to step aside as chairman," explained former Wescorp Chairman and Governor of Alaska Stephen Cowper. "First, the Board very wisely decided to focus the company's efforts on the Canadian market, so it's logical for the company to be led by a Canadian chairman. Secondly, I will be 70 years old in August, and I thought it was time to relinquish the chair to a younger person. Mark Norris is able, energetic, and well-connected. I flatly predict he will be an outstanding chairman."