Typhoon Necessitates Unhooking of Galoc Field FPSO

The proximity of the advancing Typhoon Fengshen has necessitated the disconnection of the Galoc Field FPSO Rubicon Intrepid offshore Palawan in the Philippines, according to Otto Energy and Nido Petroleum. The forecast track for the typhoon is being continually revised westwards and as of press time is expected to pass within 150 kilometers of the Galoc Field.

Due to the imminent danger posed by the typhoon, the FPSO has been disconnected from its mooring and riser system, which was laid down on the seabed for a "controlled disconnect" on Friday, June 20. Reconnection is unlikely to take place before Friday, June 27. The vessel is currently sheltering near Palawan Island, where preparations are being made for the vessel's eventual reconnection.
"The delay to first oil is obviously frustrating; however we cannot control the weather," said Otto CEO Alex Parks. "The project is in good shape and we now expect that first oil will be flowing in early July shortly after the FPSO is reconnected."
Typhoon Fengshen hit the Philippines on June 23, resulting in serious damage and, regrettably, loss of life. The typhoon hit in the southeast of the island of Mindanao before sweeping north along the bulk of the Philippines. According to the New York Times, the typhoon resulted in the deaths of 80 people in floods, as well as the capsizing of the ferry Princess of the Stars with more than 700 people aboard, including 626 passengers. There were no survivors.