Sensornet, BMP Ink JV Agreement

Sensornet has announced a joint venture with BMP Enterprises to provide a full product and field installation service for upstream and downstream monitoring products to the United States oil and gas market.
BMP Enterprises, based in Texas, will utilize its expertise and knowledge to market and install the world's most advanced asset monitoring products provided by Sensornet. Among a number of the services provided, BMP Enterprises will, with the combined expertise of Sensornet, offer permanent and retrievable Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) installation services to the United States, including Alaska and Canada.
BMP Enterprises offers permanent installation services of electrical downhole gauges, DTS, hydraulic controlled downhole tools along with retrievable DTS monitoring to aid in acid stimulation, tubing/casing leak detection and flow identification, among many other uses. The company also offers completion equipment leasing programs as well as an equipment fabrication division, specializing in custom oilfield equipment manufacturing.
"We have enjoyed a successful working relationship with BMP Enterprises and are looking forward to sharing and learning from each others technical and engineering expertise," said Sensornet CEO Neale Carter. "The blend of Sensornet's innovative technology and BMP Enterprises established track record in the US market, will bring substantial strength and value to the partnership. We intend to reinforce our global footprint and the creation of a joint venture will allow us to better serve and meet our customers' need for a solutions provider. We are looking forward to a very bright and prosperous future for both companies."
"I view the partnership between Sensornet and BMP Enterprises as a very exciting and rewarding opportunity for all involved and look forward to assisting Sensornet in expanding their global operations into the US market," said BMP President and CEO Brian Phillips. "I am ecstatic to team up with a company who has the best product on the market with regards to upstream and downstream optical monitoring systems and software products."