Discovery Made on Turkmenistan's Shatut Field

The first exploration well at the Shatut field in western Turkmenistan, drilled to a depth of 3,500 meters, has tested at 250 tons of oil and 400,000 cubic meters of gas per day according to spokesman from Turkmenneft. Work is now underway to like the field to the main pipeline system.

Work on the Shatut field, where a second exploration well has already been started, is being carried out in line with a state program for investment in the development of the Nebitlidzhe, West Nebitlidzhe, Shatut and Gerchek structures, which was begun in summer 2002.

In line with this project, total investment in the period from 2001 to 2016 will amount to almost $379 million. Turkmenneft is currently also carrying out drilling work at the East Khazar, Khazar and Akpatlavuk fields.