Pemberton Appoints Matthew Dodwell to Board of Directors

Pemberton Energy Ltd. announced that it has appointed Matthew Dodwell to the Board of Directors. Dodwell brings in extensive oilfield industry experience. He entered the Oil Patch in 1990 where he had begun a career in the service rig industry and moved back and forth between the rigs and construction/maintenance companies for several years. In 1995 Dodwell ventured into the energy management sector where he started a career in oilfield management. After several years of accumulating facility and field management knowledge, Dodwell founded First Choice Oilfield Services Inc. In 1998 First Choice experienced a large growth spurt and started to expand, and within the next year had accumulated gross revenues well over a million dollars a year with supervision contracts as well as prime contractor positions with companies such as Norcen Energy, Union Pacific Resources, Gascan Resources, Forte Oil and Gas, NCE resources just to name a few companies in which contracts were held.

In 1998, First Choice had also expanded into the oilfield maintenance sector where it serviced many of the larger energy companies in Alberta and British Columbia such as, Conoco Phillips Canada, Renaissance Energy, Forte Energy, Ventus Energy, Numac Oil and Gas, Pennwest Energy, N.C.E Resources, Gascan Resources, Northstar Energy, Storm Energy, and others. Many of the larger contracts included, facility shutdowns, facility expansions, major modifications and expansions to facilities, installation and removal of production facilities, pump jack installation and removal, water flood installation and many other services. Matthew Dodwell, President of First Choice, has also been involved with Pemberton Energy Ltd. since 2004 as an operator of our Panny well.

Dodwell said, "Pemberton is a vibrant junior oil and gas company with really great potential. With the acceptance of a directorship I bring extensive oil and gas experience to our ever-growing team. I believe this is an asset needed to help secure a positive future for all involved with Pemberton. As part of our quest for natural resources, Pemberton is currently in discussions with private energy companies, in which we are interested in various producing properties throughout Alberta. We will also be looking at bringing back abandoned wells that were put to bed long before their time, wells where in most cases take very little to rework and bring back into production with significant financial upsides. With the price of oil at $ 100.00 or more per barrel many of the targets we have been evaluating have some very respective potential and many of the targets have production infrastructure in place. Pemberton has reached another milestone, one of many more to come. Pemberton is now in a much better position to move forward with future projects, and will continue with our current projects in the near future.

Pemberton also announced that Al Kjemhus has tendered his resignation as a director of Pemberton due to other business engagements.