Alcoa Launches New Oil and Gas Market Segment

Alcoa Corporation announces the formation of a new division, Alcoa Oil & Gas. The new entity opens the hydrocarbon market to ultra-light drilling technologies, custom-engineered forged products, specialized manufacturing capabilities and more than 100 years of experience in patented alloys.

"Alcoa Oil & Gas changes the game in lighter, stronger applications for reaching the deepest reserves on the planet," said Chip Swarr, Alcoa Oil & Gas Director. "With our expertise in titanium, steel, aluminum and nickel-based super alloys, our drill pipe and engineered products truly enable and enhance extended reach drilling," said Swarr.

Focusing its substantial resources as the premier alloy/aluminum provider, Alcoa Oil & Gas' patented metallurgical designs give drill pipe the strength of steel at half the weight, allowing oil companies, drillers and operators to reach previously unattainable deep drilling targets.

"Add to this Alcoa's global presence, forging and manufacturing capabilities. We now help customers all over the world engineer components that allow them to drill deeper, farther and faster," said Swarr.

Alcoa maintains the largest extrusion presses and forging assets in the industry, capable of handling both open- and closed-die applications with press capacities in excess of 82 KT.

With a history of innovation and its foundation in aerospace technologies, Alcoa Oil & Gas is today positioned in the industry to help achieve the recovery of deep hydrocarbons in the most efficient, economical and ecologically sustainable way possible.