Bladt Bags EPCI Contract with DONG Energy

The Aalborg-based company Bladt Industries A/S has entered into a EPCI contract with DONG Energy for a platform for the Nini East Field in the Danish area of the North Sea.

In 2003 Bladt completed the most recent development with delivery of the Nini and Cecilie platforms. Together with the UK company Saipem UK Ltd., Bladt Industries A/S was responsible for the design, production and installation of both jackets and topsides as well as establishment of a pipeline connection from the Nini and Cecilie Fields to the Siri platform.

The new contract covers design, fabrication and installation of a new unmanned wellhead platform located at the Nini East field. Further the contract contains an option for future work in the field/in the area. The platform components are to be built locally by Bladt Industries A/S in Aalborg, and this time Bladt is the main contractor.

"We are of course proud to be awarded such a major contract from DONG Energy once again, but at the same time it is a confirmation that Bladt has the required competencies", said Peter Rindebaek, Managing Director.

The design phase is well under way, and the project organization is specifying and purchasing steel and other essential components.

The total weight will reach approximately 3,500 tons.

"We are of course ready for the job, skillful employees and modern project management tools are the Alpha and Omega of implementation of major projects with an agreed framework to our customers' satisfaction," said Per Wulff, Head of Oil & Gas Energy.

The fabrication of the platform is expected to take approximately 15 months, after which it will be towed to its final position, installed and commissioned.

"In recent years Bladt Industries A/S has obtained international recognition for our skillful and flexible employees, who, together with our unique facilities along the harbour, often make Bladt the first choice of our customers when it comes to complex steel constructions and related surface treatment", Peter Rindebaek added.