Landmark Launches R5000 Comprehensive Release of E&P Software

Landmark, a product service line of Halliburton's Drilling and Evaluation Division, has announced the launch of R5000, a synchronous software release including upgrades to more than 70 products spanning all disciplines within the E&P lifecycle. The launch offers oil and gas operators unprecedented levels of integration, the potential to customize workflows and the opportunity to make more informed field development decisions.

An Open Environment for Innovation

The DecisionSpace environment enables you to create cohesive workflows from Landmark products, proprietary applications, and other vendors' offerings, truly making your heterogeneous environment more integrated. With this release, users benefit from new features including drag-and-drop functionality and enhanced common viewing for any application in the DecisionSpace environment.

Simplified Data Management and Documented Asset Insight

The OpenWorks R5000 release introduces new knowledge capture capabilities so operators can create an audit trail of decision-making while preserving crucial information for future generations. Additionally the customer-driven enhancements to the new project management standards address rampant data duplication issues and enable faster project start up.

The OpenWorks R5000 database also offers integration of 2D and 3D seismic data at the data model to power the high-science workflows that today's more complex assets require, such as pre-stack interpretation on the desktop. With good data quality, leveraging these key enhancements is as easy as a one-button transfer.

Superior Geoscience Interpretation

With R5000, Landmark has made powerful upgrades to its geoscience applications, including new features specifically designed to increase users' productivity when exploring frontier basins and mature fields. In the PowerView application for surface interpretation, new tools enable cross-domain collaboration for well planning and the capture of critical project and scenario information.

In the new release of GeoProbe, an industry leading application for 3D multi-volume interpretation and visualization, users can now access 2D data directly from OpenWorks. This visualization approach provides a unique perspective on an area of interest by quickly defining the connections and continuity between multiple survey lines.

Integrated Drilling Workflows and Increased Productivity

In response to the industry's challenge to monitor drilling volumes and complex downhole equipment with fewer experienced personnel, upgrades to OpenWells software has made morning reporting quicker and easier. Data entry forms can now be customized to closely match the required data and workflows for a specific company or asset. Additionally, Tour Sheet navigation aids, integrated wellbore schematics and graphical rig editors can give the rig supervisor greater confidence that required data has been captured and accurately reported.

More Accurate Reserves Estimation

With the new versions of Nexus, Decision Management System (DMS), and FieldPlan software, operators can better mitigate uncertainty, incorporate risk factors and utilize business objectives in planning a comprehensive field development workflow. Together, the software applications generate more accurate reserve estimates faster than other commercial simulation solutions through integrated, fully coupled, surface-to-subsurface reservoir simulation workflows.

Tools to Leverage Unexploited Workflows

With R5000, Landmark is also offering a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) program to support R5000 data management and infrastructure applications. The current program builds on the success of the OpenWorks SDK, released in the 1990s, to provide a springboard for Landmark customers and partners to construct their own unique workflows and technology solutions. Numerous leading application vendors are already leveraging these SDKs to create integration from their products to R5000 solutions and build unexploited workflows.