Portrush Petroleum Announced Production of Mission River Well

Portrush Petroleum Corporation announced that the next well on the Mission River lease, the Scanio/Shelton # 10 has been placed on production at a daily rate of 560,000 cubic feet of gas and 20 barrels of oil/condensate at a flowing tubing pressure of 2,200 psi on a 8/64" choke.

Current production from the field is 1.6 million cubic feet of gas and 50 barrels of condensate a day.

Preparations are being finalized for the Mission River summer drilling program. Wells drilled to the Vicksburg will be drilled to approximately 8,700 feet. It is considered best to drill to the deeper formations because the potential new reserves to be captured at depth far exceed the potential reserves in the shallower formations.

The Mission River lease is being developed by McAlester and is located at the south end of the town of Refugio, Refugio County, Texas. The field has multiple pays at depths ranging from 2,000 to 8,800 feet. Portrush has a 10% working interest in the field. To date ten wells have been drilled to varying depths and all ten wells have been productive.