Otto Swings, Misses at Arpaci-1 in Edirne

Joint venture partners Otto Energy and Incremental Petroleum announced that the Arpaci-1 well was tested on June 12.


  • Arpaci-1 was perforated and tested over a 4m interval which had ambiguous gas indications on well logs
  • Formation water at 6,300 ppm was swabbed out with no free gas flow
  • Arpaci-1 was drilled in Jan 2006, but not tested at the time due to adverse winter weather conditions. Arpaci-1 was tested during the current program to confirm the validity of the seismic interpretation of amplitude anomalies and log interpretations. Arpaci-1 was originally drilled on a sparse 2D seismic grid. Subsequent 3D seismic showed Arpaci-1 to be located at the edge of the Arpaci structure. The Arpaci- 2 well recently discovered gas approximately 50 m updip of Arpaci-1. The partners in the Edirne Gas project are Otto Energy 35%, and Joint Operators Incremental Petroleum 55%, and Turkish partner Petraco 10%.

    "Although disappointing to not have commercial rates from Arpaci-1, the well was always interpreted to be on the very edge of the structure and does not affect the overall commerciality of the Arpaci Field which was successfully appraised with Arpaci-2," said Alex Parks, Otto CEO,