Capstone Tapped for Pemex Equipment Upgrades

Capstone Turbine Corporation announced that it has received orders for new microturbine systems for deployment on a Petroleos Mexicanos offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico and equipment upgrades to existing platform systems, spare parts and training.

Capstone received a microturbine order from GIMSA International, Inc. for approximately $400,000. The units will be installed on offshore platforms, producing crude oil and gas, which are operated by PEMEX. The microturbine packages purchased by GIMSA will meet the special requirement for offshore applications. This includes corrosion protection with a 316 stainless steel enclosure, Class I Division 2/NFPA 496 certification for use in hazardous areas, and UL listing. Capstone Turbine produces the world's only microturbine solution that meets all of these stringent requirements.

The equipment upgrades, spare parts and training totaling approximately $1.1 million were from Integrated Trade Systems, Inc., a U.S. corporation that is wholly owned by PEMEX and provides integrated international procurement services to PEMEX and its four subsidiary entities in Mexico. The spare parts orders were placed under a $6.8 million blanket purchase order with ITS that was received in April 2008 and expires in April 2011.

"In November 2006, Capstone signed a five-year service agreement with ITS," said Shelby Ahmann, Capstone's Sr. Vice President of Customer Service. "This agreement with ITS has helped PEMEX streamline the process of procuring parts, technical support and training to support their operating fleet," said Ahmann.

Jim Crouse, Capstone's Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said, "Capstone's microturbine systems offer a tremendous value proposition for offshore platforms with their small footprint, high reliability, light weight, low emissions and extended maintenance periods. Previous systems operating at PEMEX and other oil and gas companies in offshore and onshore applications are operating very well and customers have been very impressed with the performance of our technology."

"We continue to increase our market presence in the oil and gas sector with PEMEX becoming our third largest microturbine customer behind Petrobras in Brazil and Gazprom in Russia. We know that our products are a great fit in this market and we are very pleased to have received these important follow-on orders for PEMEX platforms," said Darren Jamison, Capstone's President and Chief Executive Officer, "In addition, we believe our new C200 and C1000 products will further strengthen our overall product offering in the oil and gas sector allowing us to penetrate the larger manned platforms and onshore pumping and compression stations."