Ascent Shoots Seismic on Frosinone Permit

Ascent Resources plc is starting a 2-D seismic acquisition program of approximately 30 km on its Frosinone Exploration Permit in the Latina Valley, onshore Italy. The new seismic acquisition will focus on the area up dip from the Anagni-1 well with an objective of establishing the presence of the key sealing faults. Depending on the results of the seismic interpretation an appraisal well location may be chosen.

This seismic acquisition program follows the drilling of the Anagni-1 well, which penetrated a porous, reservoir quality, carbonate formation. The new seismic program will be integrated with the Anagni well data to assist Ascent's technical team in evaluating the potential of the Anagni structure.

"The Anagni-1 results underpin the hydrocarbon potential of the region and represent the first stage of exploration for a new reservoir system in the Frosinone permit area," said Ascent Managing Director Jeremy Eng. "Seismic recorded at the time of drilling indicate that the well was drilled in a less than optimal subsurface location on the flank of the Anagni structure. However, traces of live oil were recovered both in core samples and during testing, which have provided enough encouragement for further exploration and evaluation of the permit's potential and hence the commencement of this seismic survey."