Brage and Veslefrikk Resumes Production after Fire

Production on the Brage and Veslefrikk fields has been resumed after the small fire on the Oseberg A platform in the North Sea.

The fire occurred in a high voltage room on the Oseberg A platform which is part of the Oseberg field center.

The high voltage room supplies electric power to the utility systems on the field center.

Both the processing and the transport of oil and gas from the Oseberg field center were stopped immediately. All safety and emergency response measures were implemented as intended during the incident and all personnel on board were taken well care of.

Oil from Brage and Veslefrikk is transported via the Oseberg field center and oil production from both platforms can resume shortly. Production on the Oseberg A platform and the associated Tune, Oseberg South and Oseberg East fields, which use the Oseberg field center for both processing and transport, is still shut down.

Production will be resumed as soon as the damages on the involved parts of the facility have been repaired.