DSV Seawolf Scheduled to Resume Operations by Mid-June

Seamar announced that the DSV, or dive support vessel, Seawolf will be operational by June 15, 2008 after receiving a multi-million dollar vessel upgrade and refurbishment.

The 185 ft. DSV Seawolf vessel upgrades included improvements to the deck structure, staterooms, and galley. Also, significant refurbishments were made to the hull and stern of the vessel. "Each upgrade and refurbishment was thought out and strategically designed to improve the vessel's overall effectiveness as a premier dive support vessel," said Captain Emmett Cutchall, Seamar's Marine ServicesManager.

"Seamar polled our customer base to address what they want in a dive support vessel. Everything was considered - from satellite communications to the bunks in the stateroom.

The Seawolf is coming out a fully-capable, company man-friendly, newly upgraded dive support vessel and we are particularly proud of that."

The DSV Seawolf is immediately available for charter.