AnTech Creates Recruitment Campaign for Engineers

AnTech Ltd announced that continued demand for its downhole tools and drilling systems is fuelling the company's aggressive recruitment campaign for graduate engineers.

Graduate Recruitment Fair at University of Bath a First for AnTech For the first time, AnTech participated at the University of Bath's Graduate Recruitment Fair, which was hosted in Bath, England last week. The company wants to attract aspiring mechanical, operational and manufacturing engineers.

"Although we have recently increased our engineering staff by 30%, we still need more engineers to develop and improve products, and to serve our customers," said Tim Mitchell, Business Systems Manager at AnTech. "We have been fortunate that our outreach work with the University of Exeter, the government's Year in Industry Program and our own Graduate Recruitment Program have generated outstanding engineers who are currently providing creativity and excellent customer service. However, with the unprecedented demand we are experiencing, we decided to widen the net by exhibiting at the recruitment fair in Bath. I'm happy to report that it was extremely successful. We talked to a number of dynamic young graduates, and are looking forward to interviewing them during the coming weeks," he added.