Landmark and OpenSpirit Developing New GeoProbe Data Connector

Landmark, a product service line of Halliburton's Drilling and Evaluation Division, is working with OpenSpirit to develop a data connector for the GeoProbe 3D multi-volume interpretation and visualization solution.

The OpenSpirit GeoProbe Connector will enable access to a wide range of data stores including KINGDOM, Petra, SDE, GOCAD, ArcSDE, Finder, PPDM and Recall. The connector will also replace Landmark's current GeoFrame Data Server product (GFDS).

"GeoProbe stands out as one of the leading volume interpretation solutions in the industry," said Dan Piette, President and CEO of OpenSpirit. "GeoProbe users will benefit from expanded interoperability among critical geoscience data stores that are already OpenSpirit-enabled. In the future, we hope to add our event services functionality to the data connector, enabling GeoProbe users to interact with OpenSpirit-enabled applications offered by our other digital integration partners.

"Today's oil companies operate in a multi-vendor world," said Chris Usher, senior director of technology at Landmark. "Providing them with the ability to integrate disparate applications and data stores in a productive manner is invaluable in achieving greater returns throughout an asset's lifecycle. Our latest collaboration with OpenSpirit on a new data connector for GeoProbe software is yet another proof point of Landmark's commitment to openness and interoperability through our DecisionSpace environment."

Additional integration projects currently under development by Landmark and OpenSpirit include the OpenSpirit Object Connect module for DecisionSpace and the OpenSpirit OpenWorks R5000 Data Connector. OpenSpirit will soon have access to the PowerHub Data Management environment, giving PowerHub and PowerView™ users interoperability with all OpenSpirit-enabled data stores. Landmark clients are already accessing drilling data from GeoFrame via the OpenWire OpenSpirit link.