Eni's Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting Appoints Board of Directors

Eni S.P.A. Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting resolved the set number of the Directors, set a three financial year term for the Directors expiring on the date of approval Eni S.P.A. 2010 Financial Statements and appointed the Board of Directors with Roberto Poli as the chairman and Paolo Scaroni as director.

The following people were appointed to the board of directors: Roberto Poli, Paolo Scaroni, Alberto Clo, Paolo Andrea Colombo, Paolo Marchioni, Marco Reboa, Mario Resca, Pierluigi Scibetta and Francesco Taranto. The meeting also set the annual remuneration of the Chairman and of each Director and appointed the Statutory Auditors and set the remuneration of the Chairman and members of the Board of the Statutory Auditors. The Board of the Statutory Auditors term of office is three financial years, expiring on the date of approval of Eni S.P.A. 2010 Financial Statements.