Stallion Lands Deal to House Marathon at Alba

Stallion Offshore Quarters, a division of Stallion Oilfield Services Ltd., announced that Marathon has awarded the company a contract to design, engineer, construct and install living quarters for personnel working offshore Equatorial Guinea in the Alba Field. The two-part deal consists of a three-story, 50-person modular living quarters unit which will ship to Equatorial Guinea in March of 2009. Once the Marathon employees have moved into the new accommodations, Stallion will then begin refurbishing existing facilities on the platform from a 20-person living quarters unit into new offices and a recreational facility.

The new quarters, consisting of 24 modular units, are designed to be bolted together becoming a three-story unit. These units will offer an H-60 fire barrier and a blast rating on the exterior bulkheads for personnel safety. The new units encompass offices, galley, dining, private staterooms with en-suite baths, and internal stair towers.

"Our forty years of experience in building and refurbishing offshore living quarters has given us a reputation for providing superior customer service and innovative solutions," said Craig Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Stallion. "Stallion is honored to have been chosen for this project and our selection reflects the hard work of our staff and illustrates our ability to compete in the international marketplace."