Serica Scores Big with Kambuna Well in Indonesia

Serica Energy provided an update on development activities in the Kambuna field, offshore North Sumatra, Indonesia, following completion of the production testing program.

All three Kambuna production wells have now been tested. The final well, the Kambuna-4 production well, tested the Belumai reservoir over the 56 ft interval 7,154 to 7,210 ft true vertical depth below mean sea level and produced gas at a stabilised rate of approximately 41 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd) together with approximately 2,900 barrels per day of 54 degrees API condensate. The flowing wellhead pressure during this test was 1,444 pounds per square inch. The Kambuna-4 well was drilled as a deviated well from the surface location of Kambuna-2 and reached a maximum deviation angle of 55 degrees from the vertical.

As previously reported, the Kambuna-2 production well was tested at a stabilised rate of 33 mmscfd and the Kambuna-3 well was tested at a stabilised rate of 40 mmscfd. The total maximum stabilised gas rate from the three wells was 114 mmscfd, together with an estimated 8,000 bpd of condensate.

Serica is the operator of the Kambuna Field and holds an interest of 65% in the project.

"We have now finished the completion and testing of all three Kambuna production wells and have achieved a combined stabilized gas rate of 114 mmscfd, which is considerably higher than we had expected, exceeding our initial sales gas target of 50 mmscfd by a significant margin," said Serica CEO Paul Ellis. "We shall be updating our Kambuna field reservoir model to investigate whether increased sales volumes can be justified, particularly given the strong gas prices now being realised for domestic gas sales."