Schlumberger Technology Breaks World Record for Extended Reach Drilling

Worldwide, Schlumberger technology has now contributed to six of the top seven extended reach directional projects. The latest, drilled in the Al Shaheen Field offshore Qatar, broke the previous record length by 2,000 ft., reaching a total depth of 40,320 ft. Total step-out distance from the surface location was 35,770 ft.

In all, the well set 10 records including the longest well ever drilled, the longest along-hole departure (37, 956 ft), the longest 8 1/2 in. section (35, 449 ft), the highest ERD ratio, the highest directional difficulty index, the deepest directional control, the deepest downlink, the deepest battery-less operation, the longest reservoir contact (35, 449 ft.) and finally the longest open hole.

The 8 1/2-in. horizontal section was drilled in two runs with the PowerDrive X5 and PowerDrive Xceed RSS. The TeleScope high-speed telemetry-while-drilling system transmitted geosteering information in real-time and continuous measurements of parameters that affect drilling efficiency. The system also ensured that downlinking commands were received by the bottomhole assembly all the way to total depth. Continuous trajectory control enabled drillers to keep the wellbore within the 3 ft. 'sweet spot' of the 10 ft thick reservoir 95% of the time.

For the first time, totally battery-less LWD triple combo equipment was used. The TeleScope, geoVISION and adnVISION systems were powered by a turbine generator driven by drilling fluid circulation.

The record-breaking performance involved a Schlumberger D&M team assigned to the customer for more than a year. Drilling engineers located in Maersk's offices provided close collaboration and Operation Support Center engineers ensured clear communications and vital data were available for decision-making. Repair and Maintenance personnel prepared and tested the equipment.

"Extended reach drilling is a natural application of our high-performance drilling technology," said Mike Williams, global sales manager, Drilling & Measurements, Schlumberger. "This helps our customers access more reservoir volumes from a single drill site, reducing overall costs and environmental impact."