Enterprise Completes Repairs to Independence Pipeline

Enterprise Products Partners L.P. announced that it has completed repairs to the flex-joint assembly of the Independence Trail pipeline that was the source of the leak that occurred on April 8, 2008.

Crews successfully replaced the o-ring gasket and initial test results indicate that the flex-joint is operating normally. Located in about 85 feet of water, the flex-joint is designed to allow the pipeline to withstand movements of the Independence Hub platform. Volumes from the Hub are currently flowing at reduced rates while final testing is completed. The Hub is expected to be able to accommodate full volumes during the first half of June.

"All of the engineers, divers, contractors and various support personnel involved in the repair process showed tremendous expertise, organization, cooperation and professionalism throughout the operation," said Michael A. Creel, Enterprise president and chief executive officer. "We applaud and appreciate their dedication in returning the pipeline to service as quickly and safely as possible."