Nature Technology Solutions Delploys OTU on North Sea Rig

Nature Technology Solutions Limited announced that shareholders should be aware that over the last 3 years, they have invested in the development of a new Offshore Treatment Unit ('OTU') which was designed to treat rig and platform generated wastes offshore in the North Sea (and, if successful, worldwide). The technology was designed to treat the waste, and then discharge clean water to sea under the new and demanding standards in place, thus saving very substantial transport and disposal costs ashore and contributing to the 'greener' environment. This project was financed through the 60% owned Norwegian company, Northern Treatment AS, but in September last year they bought out their 40% partner's interest to give full control over final development, marketing, and ongoing OTU operations in Norway.

Also, after more than a year of discussions and negotiations Nature Technology Solutions reported the contracted deployment of an OTU on a major North Sea drilling rig, operating offshore Norway. The unit is currently being installed and will be tested to ensure that the rigorous targets for treatment of offshore wastes, and their discharge to sea as clean water, are met in the field. The contract is on a 'day rate' basis for equipment, chemicals and operating staff for an initial period of 3 months . A successful outcome to these tests will enable possible extension of this contract and acceleration of marketing to other rigs and platforms in the North Sea and elsewhere.