Aker Cuts Ribbon at New Perth Branch

Aker Solutions has opened a new operations base in Perth, Australia. The company hopes to take advantage of an expected subsea boom in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region.

The new operations base is purpose built for undertaking testing and service of subsea control modules and trees. The facility also contains an engineering team, which is located at the same site. The facility will function as the Australian head office for Aker Solutions' subsea business area.

"Asia-Pacific is the world's fastest growing region when it comes to subsea field developments," said aymond Carlsen, executive vice president at Aker Solutions. "We are raising our game in this region, and our new facility in Perth is part of our strategic plan to offer our customers local back-up and operational support."

Aker Solutions has been present in Perth for 10 years, but the opening of the new facility represents a step-change in market presence and provides a long-term commitment to the Australian oil and gas industry. Additionally, the new base complements the existing offering of the hi-tech subsea manufacturing centre in Malaysia, which is a key provider to the subsea industry in the Asia-Pacific.

Greg Ross, managing director of Aker Solutions' subsea business in Australia, explains: "We chose Perth for a number of reasons. Firstly, our facility brings the operational support closer to our customers, which means we will be able to serve them and their needs much more effectively. Secondly, the location right next to the airport and coastline provides clear logistical advantages. Thirdly, almost all the large future subsea field developments in Australia will take place off the coast of north-west Australia, making the base ideally located from a service and maintenance perspective.

"We are both proud and pleased to open this new operations base and regional head office today", adds Ross.