Edwards Named COO at Boots & Coots

Boots & Coots International Well Control, Inc. announced that Dewitt Edwards has been appointed Chief Operating Officer by the Board of Directors. The title of COO recognizes Dee's role in successfully leading the company's expansion and integration efforts.

"Since joining Boots and Coots in 1998, Dee has made a significant contribution to the company and his new title merely acknowledges his existing responsibilities, which include the delivery of our services and the development and geographic management of our businesses," said Jerry Winchester, president and chief executive officer. "He has led a great management team that has carried Boots & Coots from a single service response provider with three locations to a multi-service pressure control provider with 11 locations around the world."

"Reinventing our strategy over the last several years has been one of the most challenging and rewarding times in my career," said Dee. "We have some of the best employees in the industry who have helped position Boots & Coots as a global leader in pressure control. I'm proud to be a part of this group and excited for what the future holds for this company."

Dee has served various capacities for Boots & Coots since September of 1998, the most recent as Executive Vice President since June 30, 2006. Before joining Boots & Coots, Dee was employed by Halliburton Energy Services for 19 years where he served in positions of increasing authority, including Mid-Continent area manager and North America resource manager.