Landmark Graphics Awards Software Grant

Landmark Graphics has granted $2.6 million in integrated software and services for geosciences research at The Center for Spatial Analysis in the FedEx Technology Institute, at The University of Memphis. The grant will support in-depth research and enhance instruction of cross disciplines at the Center for Spatial Analysis, including the Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI), the Department of Earth Sciences and the Ground Water Institute. This is the first entirely Linux-based exploration and production (E&P) software grant to be awarded by Landmark.

"Landmark is committed to the growth and development of students who will be entering the E&P industry and ensure that they have access to the most advanced, up-to-date software technology available. Being the first software provider to offer a complete set of exploration and development applications for the Linux operating system maintains Landmark's reputation for leadership and innovation in the E&P software and services industry," said Andy Lane, Landmark's president and CEO.

Students and researchers at the University of Memphis now have tools available to engage in research not previously possible. They will now be able to process and study seismic reflection data; visualize the geology and ongoing earthquake activity within the New Madrid seismic zone, visualize the geology beneath the central Mississippi River Valley for earthquake ground motion studies. In addition, the Linux-based software and services will allow for processing seismic data recorded in the super-deep (9km) continental borehole drilled in Germany, delineate the Memphis regional ground water aquifer and map three-dimensional aquifer characteristics.

"This investment by Landmark allows our world-class researchers and students to go inside the Earth and stuffy the Memphis region's natural, seismic and aquifer wonders which prepares us for a better future," said Jim Phillips, chairman and executive director, FedEx Institute.

"The technology that Landmark Graphics Corporation has awarded to The Center for Spatial Analysis is a critical element of our training and research programs in geology and geophysics," said Dr. Roy Van Arsdale, Professor of Geology, University of Memphis. "Access to Landmark's software allows students direct experience with tools that have become industry standards."

Using Linux offers the opportunity to lower the total cost of computing for the Department of Earth Sciences at the university. Linux applications can run on powerful, low-cost personal computers which are rapidly replacing older, more expensive workstations. Landmark offers its complete suite of exploration and development software on Linux as well as UNIX.

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