SMT's KINGDOM Put to Use for Exploration in Africa

Seismic Micro-Technology' flagship product, KINGDOM, will be used to explore deepwater Africa.

The Petroleum Agency SA will use KINGDOM on all of its projects for the Orange basin, Outeniqua basins and Durban Zululand basins, a vast area equaling nearly 1.1 million square kilometers offshore South Africa. In an effort to promote the commercial potential of the country's natural oil & gas resources, the Agency provides prospecting maps and information for investors to review and consider exploration opportunities.

Commenting on the announcement, David Van de Spuy, Resource Evaluation Manager of the Petroleum Agency SA, said, "Our organization chose SMT's KINGDOM as our primary offshore exploration software after researching and reviewing several other industry options. We chose SMT because the company's software is not only user-friendly and economical, but it is also easily adaptable to our specific needs, including the user interface."

"Africa continues to be a hotbed for new exploration. In fact, SMT's recent survey of geoscientists indicates that nearly half of those surveyed believe that 5 BBOE or more will be extracted from Deepwater Africa in the coming years," said Ken Gardiner, VP of SMT's EAME Operations. "With this level of growth, SMT recognizes the need to provide our global customers with the best solution and ensure fast and efficient productivity."