Schlumberger to Open UK Drilling Technology Center

Schlumberger Oilfield Services is creating the Schlumberger Global Drilling Technology Center to better meet customers' needs for advanced drilling technology. Located in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, the center is now the company's base for its drilling technology development programs.

"This expansion will allow synergies in product development as a result of close cooperation with the drilling group at Schlumberger Cambridge Research," said Dylan Davies, manager, Schlumberger Stonehouse center. "The move underscores our focused, global approach in implementing drilling technology strategies and services, and ensures that ideas are moved rapidly from research to product development and into the field. The center will also be open to collaboration with clients on various leading-edge technologies."

New drilling product development, rapid response engineering and sustaining engineering on rotary steerable systems, drilling tools and drilling motors will be the focus of the new Global Drilling Technology Center. Schlumberger is remodeling the current facility, which was acquired in 1998 as a result of the Camco acquisition, to accommodate the expanded operations and relocation of Houston staff.

Continuing plans for center expansion include a new downhole power systems facility expected to be complete by the end of April. Currently at 90 people, the number of personnel located at the center will increase to around 150 by yearend.