Maersk Plays it Safe with New Process Safety Report

Maersk Oil North Sea UK Limited has been discussing the findings and recommendations of its major Process Safety Audit (PSA) report with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), and with its workforce in Aberdeen. The Report was commissioned by parent company Maersk Oil in Copenhagen, and covered the company's operations in Denmark, Qatar and the UK.

"The PSA was instigated by Maersk Oil in Q2 2007 as a result of the Texas City accident, and the subsequent Independent Safety Review Panel (Baker Panel) evaluation of process safety management effectiveness, corporate oversight, and culture," said Kurt Normann Nielsen, Managing Director of Maersk Oil's North Sea UK operation. "As it is the policy of Maersk Oil to make safety its first priority, the company decided to commission a thorough review of its operations to evaluate process safety in its three main operating regions."

The Results and Conclusions

The focus of the Process Safety Review is on the issues significantly affecting process safety. These issues are defined as "findings", and less significant issues have been designated as 'improvement areas'. The findings were consolidated into 33 specific recommendations in the areas of Business Management Systems, planning and resourcing, technical systems, maintenance, contractor and vendor management, competence assessment and training, incident investigation and processes, audit processes, and quality assurance.