Sensornet Snags Smart Water Injector DTS Contract in Middle East

Sensornet, has been awarded a contract to supply two Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems for smart water injectors from a major Middle East National Oil Company.

The contract, worth approximately $1.3M, involves the installation of passive inflow control devices (ICDs) which will enable an evenly distributed injection profile along the open hole horizontal section of the injector wells. The installation is scheduled to take place later this year.

The DTS system will deliver real time data which will dramatically enhance the operator's understanding of reservoir injectivity performance and sweep efficiency. In addition to providing crucial injectivity profiling data, the DTS system will also be used for stimulation optimisation. Sensornet's proprietary SureSight sensing cable will provide high resolution temperature measurements to continuously monitor the stimulation operation in real time. This will provide data on the targeted zones which will enable the operator to make informed decisions to adjust the stimulation program if required.

The operator intends to deploy this innovative technology on a significant number of its power water injector wells in 2009 creating considerable financial and logistical savings.

"We are delighted to be awarded this major contract and look forward to working with the operator on this exciting project," said Mark Watson, Sensornet VP Middle East. "Monitoring and understanding reservoir injectivity performance is a key issue for the operator. By providing fully distributed data, the operator is able to instantly act on results gathered, which not only reduces uncertainty about individual well performance, but will also facilitate reservoir and production engineers ability to make significant improvements in overall field reservoir management, which will ultimately provide enhanced production."