Denmark to Hold Arctic Ocean Conference for Foreign Governments

Arctic Council

Denmark's Foreign Minister, Per Stig Moller, urges respect for international law from nations bordering the Arctic Ocean region and wants cooperation to prevent an environmental catastrophe.

"We must continue to fulfill our obligations in the Arctic area until the UN decides who will have the right to the sea and the resources in the region. We must agree on the rules and what to do if climate changes make more shipping possible," says Minister Moller to the Danish News Agency Ritzau.

"We also have an obligation to provide for sustainable development of the Arctic Ocean with respect for indigenous people who have fished and hunted here for centuries," said Moller.

Together with the Greenlandic Premier, Hans Enoksen, Moller has invited foreign ministers from Norway, Canada, Russia and the US to a conference about the Arctic Ocean.

The conference will take place in Ilulissat side by side with the world's biggest glacier and Minister Moller expects the conference to result in a common statement from the five participating coastal states.