Pertamina Presents 2D-Seismic Survey Plan in Suban Siarak

Pertamina EP presented a plan to conduct a 2D-seismic survey in Suban Siarak, Rawas Ilir, Musi Rawas regency in South Sumatra to the local government at the auditorium of Musi Rawas administration. The survey will span over Musi Rawas regency and Musi Banyuasin regency.

A representative from Pertamina EP Madali said that the seismic survey will take place in 712 KM with 10,400 points. The survey will start at the end of May 2008 in Rawas Ilir sub-regency.

"The Suban Siarak 2D-survey aims to seek new prospects and leads based on well data, geological data and 2D-seismic data from Suban Karangringin," he said.

The Suban Siarak survey is located in Suban Karangringin and Kluang Siarak blocks, 200 kilometers south of Jambi and northwest of Palembang.