Skaleskog Resigns as CFO of DeepOcean, Framnes Appointed

Of his own request, Gerhard Skaleskog leaves the position as CFO in DeepOcean ASA, effective on June 1st. Skaleskog has held the position since the foundation of DeepOcean in 1999 and has been heavily involved in the successful development of the company. Once resigned, Skaleskog will take a Senior Adviser position to assist the DeepOcean management.

Havard Framnes will be appointed as new CFO in DeepOcean ASA. Framnes has been with DeepOcean since 2005 working in various positions. Prior to becoming CFO, Framnes held the Group Finance Manager position. Before starting in DeepOcean he worked as corporate finance advisor and auditor. Framnes has an MBA in finance and accounting from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, and he is a State Authorized Public Accountant.