Safety First: Hallin Marine Reaches 1M LTI Man Hours

Hallin Marine is proud to announce it has recorded in excess of one million man hours of operation without a member of staff or sub-contractor suffering an injury that resulted in the loss of a single day from the workplace (LTI).

Hallin is a subsea service provider and manufacturer. It designs and builds both saturation diving systems and remote operated vehicles (ROVs) and its divers and engineers deploy and operate its equipment in some extremely harsh and dangerous offshore environments, often from Hallin's own vessels.

The million man-hours without a LTI landmark was passed for the first time by the company during a period that has seen Hallin's staff operate in such diverse environments as the bitter cold of Sakhalin, off of the East Coast of Russia, the unpredictability of the North Sea and the tropical climate off Thailand.

The company's diving, ROV, marine and manufacturing operations supports high risk profile activities such as heavy subsea construction works for riser and pipeline installations and the repair and salvage from dynamically positioned class two (DP2) vessels and moored barges.

John Giddens, the Chief Executive of Hallin said: "For first time in the company's history Hallin has achieved the milestone of one million man-hours without a lost time injury, a remarkable feat for a business given the geographic locations in which it operates and the tremendous growth in terms of scale and range of activities it is accomplishing.

"I am proud of this achievement which bears testament to our policies and the way those policies have been implemented.

"The safety and health of Hallin's staff and that of all the staff on each project in which we have an involvement has always been at the very core of everything that Hallin has done and always will be."