Magic Earth Releases Geoprobe 2.7

Magic Earth has released GeoProbe® 2.7, the latest version of its industry-leading, high-performance visualization and interpretation software for rapid prospect generation and well planning. This release delivers innovative integration for 3D well planning and advanced autotracking, building on GeoProbe's proven strengths of speed and accuracy. The new release will be distributed in April to current Magic Earth customers.

"Finding and acquiring profitable new reserves requires the ability to respond quickly with robust and accurate methods of prospect evaluation," said Andy Lane, Landmark president and CEO. "I am confident that E&P experts utilizing GeoProbe technology will be able to evaluate and generate better prospects in less time, even in the most challenging reservoir environments. Magic Earth's relentless drive for innovation, focused on customer need, ensures that GeoProbe will continue to deliver unmatched visualization and interpretation technology for the E&P industry."

"Each new feature in this release is designed to create greater efficiency, accuracy and analytic capability for the interpreter," said Yin Cheung, Magic Earth vice president and director of technology. "As with earlier releases, GeoProbe 2.7 helps interpreters reduce prospect risk by allowing them to spend more time on comprehensive reservoir analysis rather than on the mechanics of traditional line-by-line type interpretation. While GeoProbe has long been known as the technology of choice for large data and visualization centers, it is designed to add value to projects of all sizes and is now also having significant impact for interpreters using it on their desktop."

New capabilities in GeoProbe 2.7 include ezTracker™ for fast, accurate trace-based interactive autotracking and Wellbore Planner Connect™ to support integrated well planning using Landmark's Wellbore Planner. GeoProbe 2.7 also includes the ability to view 2D seismic lines in addition to ezSurface™ and ezFault™ technology. GeoProbe is available for PC/Linux and SGI/Irix visualization solutions.