Keppel Shipyard Implements 'Safety Starts with Me' Program

Under their new "Safety Starts with Me" initiative, Keppel Shipyard is implementing its Safety Excellence 2010 program to empower its entire workforce, including contractors, to create an incident-free workplace. This initiative aims to imbue in every single employee a sense of personal and collective responsibility to ensure that everyone returns home safely at the end of each work day.

"Safety Starts with Me" is a follow-up to Keppel Group's adoption of "Five Key Principles for Safety" in October 2007 during its inaugural Annual Safety Convention.

Keppel's belief in ensuring that safety is addressed as a matter of top priority for the Group was voiced by Lim Chee Onn, Executive Chairman, Keppel Corporation. "We in Keppel believe that safety is a never-ending journey that requires a life-long commitment from each and everyone of us," he said. "A safe and healthy work environment has always formed an important part of Keppel's care and concern for our staff welfare. Indeed our safety workplan is always an integral part of our continued efforts to improve our operational efficiency."

With the Group's large workforce, Keppel Shipyard, a wholly owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation through Keppel Offshore & Marine Limited (Keppel O&M), is leading the way in reaching out to its employees and subcontractors in a systematic and focused manner to realize this goal.

Keppel Shipyard will launch a Safety Excellence 2010 program, spelling out the objectives it seeks to achieve by year 2010.

With the support of major stakeholders, Keppel Shipyard's Safety Excellence 2010 program encompasses a range of safety schemes and upgrading programs for its entire workforce including its large pool of subcontractors.

"I am encouraged by these initiatives because, for Singapore to achieve higher workplace safety standards, industry must take the lead to promote safety," said Singapore Acting Minister for Manpower Gan Kim Yong.

He highlighted three main ways to improve safety - by raising standards through setting of acceptable workplace health and safety practices, building new and stronger capabilities to manage safety and health at workplaces and finally by improving and developing a vibrant safety culture through collective effort, cooperation and strong partnership of all stakeholders.