Lankhorst Mouldings to Supply TriVIV Protection to Chinook Flowline

Lankhorst Mouldings' Offshore division supplies VIV Suppression Strakes to Heerema Marine Contractors for installation on Petrobras' Chinook flowline System in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lankhorst Mouldings' Offshore division has signed the contract with Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) for the supply of TriVIV (Vortex Induced Vibration) protection for the Petrobras Chinook & Cascade project. This project is the first, and deepest, FPSO-based system in the Gulf of Mexico at 8,250 ft of water depth. The Chinook 14-inch Pipe-in-Pipe flowlines are designed by Petrobras America Inc. with a length of 12 miles and will be installed by HMC using a Deepwater Construction Vessel. Over a length of 8-9 miles the seabed structure shows high mega furrows and spans which require VIV Suppression devices to be attached during the installation. One of the major advantages of the TriVIV system is the high speed of installation due to a low weight per piece and efficient design in combination with a low overall transport volume. The track record of Lankhorst Mouldings confirms this has been recognized by other operators and installation contractors in the GOM.

Lankhorst Mouldings' Offshore division is market leader in the supply of riser protection systems for both production and drilling risers, such as TriVIV, RiserTect, RiserShims as well as pipeline connections and protection systems such as PiggyLock and UraGUARD.

"Over the past years we have supplied protection and connection systems for many advanced projects," said Mr. Ed Flohr, Vice-President of Lankhorst Mouldings' parent company, Royal Lankhorst Euronete group bv. "However, being able to work with Heerema Marine Contractors on the Petrobras Chinook project is a major success for us. We regard this as a further proof that Lankhorst Mouldings Offshore is the preeminent player in providing clever composite protection systems to the worldwide deep offshore oil and gas industry."