Schlumberger Lands StatoilHydro Drilling Services Contract in N. Sea

StatoilHydro has awarded the contract for integrated drilling services to Schlumberger Norge AS for operations at Statfjord, Snorre, Gullfaks, Visund and Gjoa as well as for exploration drilling on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The agreement covers delivery of directional drilling, measurement while drilling (MWD), logging while drilling (LWD) and mud logging services.

"The contract secures supply of services and competent personnel which ensures cost efficient operations through focus on the quality of tools and services," said Oystein Haland, senior vice president, sub-surface technology, Technology & New Energy. "The contract also contributes to development of Statoilhydro's focus area, Integrated Operations (Onshore Operations Centres), with the aim of improving safety and drilling efficiency."

The awarded contract, which becomes effective September 1, 2008, has a value of NOK 900 million and a duration of two years. The contract also has two optional extensions, each for two years.

"One of the objectives for this tender has been to maintain competition in the market and utilize the leverage of the new company," said Anders Opedal, chief procurement officer. "This objective has been achieved by awarding a contract with very good commercial conditions and win-win incentives."