DTI Releases New Database for Onshore Sector

The UK Department of Trade and Industry has released a new oil and gas database for the onshore sector. It is intended that the database will be ready for the 11th licensing round in May 2003.

The new data available will include technical sections of license applications for the 1st to 6th onshore licensing rounds, together with technical license reports more than 6 years old.

The database is an important geoscientific resource that will be useful not only to companies already operating in the UK but also newcomers interested in obtaining licenses here.

This data will be a valuable addition to the DTI's existing seismic and well data release systems.

Mosaic Information Solutions Ltd (Mosaic) will scan the data and, using their document management system, make this data available online. Access will be via subscription.

The data release is part of the DTI's drive to maximize oil and gas development both on and offshore, by providing as much information as possible to existing and prospective operators. Mosaic and the DTI are proposing to update the website regularly with license applications from later rounds and with reports that are more than five years old.