PGS Sets Streamer Towing Record for HD4D in Norwegian N. Sea

The Ramform Sovereign, working on a contract project in the Norwegian North Sea, has set a new industry record deployment of 17 streamers. The previous record was 16, held by the Ramform Victory.

The project is an advanced HD4D project with the streamers towed 50 meters apart. It is on these types of projects on producing fields, using dense streamer spreads, where the ultrahigh capacity of the Ramform vessels offers industry leading production rates.

Despite this being the highest number of streamers ever towed in the industry, deployment was carried out in just 84 hours – equivalent to the time routinely taken for much smaller conventional streamer spreads.

Vidar Hovland, President of Marine Acquisition in PGS, commented: "This is another testament to the abilities of the Ramform platform, and to the crews that operate them. We are extremely happy with the performance of the vessel during the first weeks of operation. We are confident that we will achieve new towing records later this year when Ramform Sovereign starts on the industry's largest ever HD4D job for Petrobras where parts of the job will be conducted with 18 streamers at 50 meter separation."

The Ramform Sovereign is the first in a new series of third generation Ramform vessels known as the S-class. PGS will take delivery of a second vessel of this type, Ramform Sterling, in 2009. It is expected to be delivered as scheduled in the second quarter.